Shri Ayappan


Aum Hreem Hari Hara Putraaya Putra Labhaaya
Shatru Nashaaya Mada Gaja Vaahanaaya
Mahaa Shaastre Namaha

Sri Ayyappa is Hari -Hara Putra, the Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva). The legend of Ayyappa is as follows. After the gods and demons obtained the nectar by churning the Ocean of Milk, they started quarrelling about it. So Sri Maha Vishnu took on the form of a beautiful maiden, Mohini, and offered to divide the nectar among them. By her bewitching ways, Mohini made the demons forget about nectar while the gods consumed all of it. Thus the Lord prevented the demons from acquiring immortality.

Later, Shiva came to know this and He could not believe it. To remove His doubts, Sri Maha Vishnu once again took the form of Mohini to show Shiva her beauty. Shiva immediately fell in love with Mohini and as a result of their union, Ayyappa was born.

Ayyappa is tremendously popular in the South India especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Every year huge number of pilgrims go to visit Ayyappa in Kerala. The devotees also observe a special forty-day period every year during which they perform Bhajans and commit themselves to good spiritual behavior.


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