The DFW Hindu Temple provides several levels of membership, however, main two categories are Annual and Life Membership. Below you will find information and forms for Life and Annual Membership as well as Deity and Gopuram Forms. Please print and submit completed membership form along with fees due at the Temple Front Desk. You may also pay online using the Donate button below and bring the completed form with receipt to the Front Desk.


Annual and Life Membership Form
Deity Sponsorship Form
Gopuram Sponsorship Form

General Member – A Member who pays a single premium annual fee and is at least eighteen years old (determined by preceding birthday)

Youth Member – A Member who pays a single premium annual fee and is between five and 17 years old. Youth Members are not entitled to any vote and are not eligible for any elective office of the society.

Life Member – A General Member who pays a one-time predetermined “Life Membership Fee” in one calendar year. A Life Member must be at least eighteen years old(determined by preceding birthday).

Honorary Members – The Executive Committee may confer an Honorary Membership on a person. An Honorary Member does not vote in any of the business meetings and does not qualify for any elective office of the Society. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, the grant of such privilege shall not impair the rights and privileges otherwise held by a Member.

Associate Member – Any person who supports the aims and objectives of the Society may, by paying an annual fee, become an Associate Member.

Associate Life Member – Any person who qualifies to be an Associate Member may become an Associate Life Member by paying a one-time predetermined Associate Life Membership fee.

Founder Member – All Founder Members shall have the same privileges as the Life Members. The class of Founder membership has been closed since December 1988.

Fee Schedule

Fee for all categories of Membership except for Life Memberships is $100

Life Membership and Associate Life Membership Fee – $1000

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