Priest Services

Priests services are available at the Temple, in your home, or your place of business.

Please contact the Temple office at (972)-445-3111 for scheduling and booking Priest for your next occasion.

Note: Please contact the Priest that you have selected for your occasion and discuss the Puja items list. Or you may visit the Priest profile page for Puja Items list.

Archana (Sahasranama)$101.00
Abhishekam (Individual)$101.00
Abhishekam (Group)$51.00
Abhishekam (Temple scheduled)$35.00
Bhagavthi Seva$151.00
Havan (Private Sponsored)$151.00
Havan (Temple scheduled)$101.00
Mundan – Hair Offering$101.00
**(only ritual is performed on Temple premises, Hair cutting should be done outside of the Temple Premises)
Kalyana Utsavam (in Temple)$151.00
Namkaran Ceremony$101.00
Satyanarayana Puja (Private in Temple)$101.00
Satyanarayana Puja$51.00
Shraaddha Tarapan/Hiranya$101.00
Upanayana Thread Ceremony$151.00
Upanayana (at Home)$200.00
Vahana Puja$51.00
Wedding (in Temple)$401.00*
Wedding (Outside)$501.00
Sunday Maha Prasad Sponsor$351.00
* Includes use of Yagnashala for the duration of wedding.

Outside Metroplex puja will require minimum $301.00. Advanced payment required for all pujas outside the Temple. Maximum of 4 hours allowed for outside pujas, other than weddings. Suggested donations for all puja services performed at home is $151.00

Rates are subject to change. Please contact the Temple front office for latest information and scheduling.

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