D/FW Hindu Temple Vedic Science Museum has been launched for educating the local community on Vedic Sciences

Irving, Texas – The D/FW Hindu Temple Vedic Science Museum, dedicated to showcasing the ancient Vedic Science and its applicability to today’s society, opened its doors to the public on March 26, 2023. The museum, located in the heart of Dallas, is located within the premises of the temple’s library, and will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of India and learn about the Vedic Sciences.

The museum features a set of posters that cover various areas of Vedic Sciences such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mathematics and Cosmology along with interactive resources on an iPad. The audience will have the opportunity to borrow books relevant to the topics through the library.

The museum was developed by Shuban Narayanan, a 11th grader at Coppell High School. According to Shuban, “ I am a Life-Scout at the Scout of America, Troop 841. I was searching for a meaningful contribution to my community as part of my Eagle Scout Community Services project. The idea for this museum came to me when I was participating in the Vidya Vikas religion class for high schoolers. I had been studying STEM subjects and I saw many areas where ancient Vedic Sciences had profound wisdom that was not yet known to the wider community. I felt that through this project I can help the community develop interest in Vedic Sciences and most importantly, understand themselves and the world better.”

“We are thrilled to have opened the D/FW Hindu Temple Vedic Science Museum to the public,” said Abhishek Bansal (Vidya Vikas Administrator). “Our aim is to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the Vedic Sciences and their relevance in today’s world. We also hope that the visitors look at the content in the posters as an initial launching point for performing deeper reading on Vedic Sciences. This museum is part of a larger initiative of modernization of the temple library that we are engaged in with our Vidya Vikas students.”

The museum is now open, and admission is free for all visitors. For more information, visit the museum’s website here.

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