Chayaayaam Parijaatasya Heema Simhasanoopari
Aaseenamam Budashyamam Aayataaksham Alankritam
Rukminee Satya Bhaamaabyaam
Sahitam Krishna Maashrayee.

Shri Vitthoba, RukmaniThe Vithoba-Rukmini are the Divine couple. Of Krishna’s eight wives, Rukmini is considered to be his most favourite and beloved because of her satvic character and her devotion to Him. The story of Srimati Rukimini’s marriage to Lord Krishna is a very interesting love story and is as follows: Rukmini’s father, the king of Vidarbha, decided to give away Rukmini in marriage to Shishupala, the king of Chedi. Her brother also consented to the marriage and the wedding preparations were in full force. Rukmini, however was in love with Krishna even from her younger age because she heard so much of His virtues. So to escape her pre-arranged marriage to Shishupala, she sent one of her confidants to Krishna with a message. The message was this: “O Krishna, I love you and always loved you ever since I was a little girl. Please do not think otherwise of my boldness, for who would not fall in love with such a Divine Personality which is You? Did Laksmi Devi not love you before me for the same reason? You are a lion among men and let not a jackal like Shishupala claim that which is Yours. Also please do not think that it is not possible to take me away from the capital of my father which is well protected. I have a plan that can work. On the wedding day, my parents will send me to pray to the Goddess Gauri whose temple is some distance away from my palace. Wait for me there and after I finish my prayers and am on my way out of the temple, take me away on Your chariot. If Shishupala and his friends try to stop You, You can kill them all in battle.”

The brahmin, Agnidyotan, travelled the vast distance from Vidarbha to Krishna’s Dwaraka Puri and delivered the message to Krishna saying: “O Lord Krishna, You two are perfect for each other. Everything is possible by Your grace. So please start immediately because the marriage is tommorrow.” All-knowing Krishna knew of her love for Him already. He was very pleased. He set out to Vidarbha alone immediately but His brother Balarama Deva followed Him to assist Him just in case. The plan succeeded without a hitch for who can stop the Lord? He married Rukmini once He reached Dwaraka, His capital.

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