Sri Raaghavam Dasharathaatmajamaprameeyam
Seeta Patim Raghukulaanvaya Ratna Deepam
Aajaanubahum Aravinda Dalaayataksham
Ramaam Nishaachara Chamooh Vinasha Karam Namaami

Neelaambuja Shyamala Koomalaangam
Seeta Samaaroopita Vaama Bhaagam
Paanau Mahaa Saayaka Chaaru Chaape
Namaami Raamam Raghu Vamsha Naatham

Lord Ram, Sita, LaxmanLord Raama is the incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu. He was born as the eldest of the four princes to the king Dasharatha of Ayodhya in Northern India. Sri Maha Lakshmi took birth to be His consort Seeta.

His mission was to kill the ten-headed demon Raavana and to rid the Dandaka forest, south of the Vindhya Mountains, of the demons. Many sages were living in this dense forest to carry on their Yajnas and prayers to gods but the demons would harass them and disturb their peace. Upon requested by His father, Raama willingly exiled Himself to the Dandaka forest and killed all the demons in the forest. Raama is also known for His upholding of Law and Order. The demon Raavana himself was killed by Raama in his own country Lanka, the modern Ceylone. The story of Raama is narrated in the epic Raamaayana by Vaalmiki which is translated in to every language of India.

There is no other more popular god than Raama except for Krishna. Millions worship Him as none other than Sri Maha Vishnu Himself.

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