Buddirbalam Yasho Dhiryam Nirbhayatvam Aroogata
Ajaadyam Vaakpatutvamchiva Hanumatsmaranaadbhaveet

Lord HanumanHanuman is the devotee and servant of Lord Raama. Hanumaan’s help to Raama is well narrated in the Raamaayana. His crossing over the ocean to search for Raama’s kidnapped consort and His bravery in Lanka (Sundara Kaanda) are favorite readings to many readers of Raamaayana. His strength is legendary. He even helped bring Lakshmana back to life by bringing him the Sanjivani herb.
Lord Raama was so pleased with His friendship and service, that He granted Hanumaan the powers of divinity as long as His own name is remembered by humans. Whoever prays to Hanumaan, is protected from all evil demons, bhutaas and pishaachis. He also bestows fearlessness, health, oratory and freedom from indolence.

Notice: Temple open for public Darshan with regular Temple hours. No Priests puja on Sat/Sun from 1pm to 5:30pm.